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Posted on 01/02/2022 @ 9:24 pm | 309 views

Angra and Top Link Music signed a new partnership marking the return of Paulo Baron to the management of Angra, with whom he had worked for seven years. About the return, the businessman says: “I am very happy to return to the Angra family. Honestly, I needed that hiatus with all the projects I was involved in, and actually I never left the band as I was always around them. What unites us is the great friendship and respect built during all these years when we created wonderful things together. I’m here to add to this great brand that is Angra and you’ll see great news soon!”.

Also regarding the resumption of the successful union, bassist Felipe Andreoli emphasizes: “Returning to work with Top Link is great because we already have a good rapport and we know each other well. Angra and Top Link have accomplished great things together and the continuation of this partnership will allow us to do much more. Plans are moving forward very quickly and we are all very excited about what lies ahead.”

Still about the moment, guitarist Rafael Bittencourt evaluates: “I am very happy to return to work with Paulo Baron and Top Link. In recent years, we have never stopped being friends and we have a lot of mutual respect and admiration. We have already shown the strength of our partnership in the past and I believe that we will show even greater strength in the coming future, more mature and experienced. Paulo knows the band in all its complexity, personal relationships between everyone, strategic needs and has a great passion for working with us, which is also very important. He has a super competitive spirit, a very positive spirit and manages to add and motivate everyone to always win. I believe that no one can hold us now!”.

In the period of previous joint efforts, Paulo and his company collaborated in several high-profile situations, including: Angra’s concert at Live N’ Louder in 2013; the Angel’s Cry 20th Anniversary Tour DVD; the Secret Garden albums, Ømni and the Ømni DVD; the group’s performance at Rock In Rio 2015 featuring guest appearances by Doro Pesch and Dee Snider; and the last show of Kiko Loureiro with the guys and the first of Marcelo Barbosa as official guitarist – in addition to several presentations of the quintet on national television in programs such as Encontro Com Fátima Bernardes.

Follow Paulo Baron and Top Link Music on their social networks:

And follow Angra at:
Instagram: @angraofficial

Isabele Miranda
Nicholas Pedroso


Posted on 18/03/2020 @ 1:36 pm | 624 views

We’re going through a rough time of many uncertainties but we must search inside our hearts for good news, to keep us on going and try not to let this put us down. Today, Top Link Music would like to proudly homage Paulo Baron, who completes another year of life using one of his own cool quotes to his rockstars friends: today you are 50 years younger.

Paulo, keep rocking all your dreams!
We love you.


Posted on 04/09/2017 @ 11:57 am | 4,080 views

The international tour starts in March 2018 with 26 dates in Europe including several countries and brings out the band’s new release OMNI, produced Jens Bogren in Sweden.

The European dates will feature the appearance of Geoff Tate’s Operation Mindcrime as special guest and the bands Halcyon Way (all dates), Avelion (22.03 > 31.03), Starbynary (01.04 > 05.04) & Ravenscry (06.04 > 18.04) as a support acts.

After more than one year of reclusion, inspiration a hard work, Angra, formed in 1991, celebrates its 26th anniversary with the upcoming release of OMNI, that promises to be one of the most surprising albums of the band´s career.

The Angra´s lineup: Fabio Lione (vocals), Rafael Bittencourt (guitar), Marcelo Barbosa (guitar), Felipe Andreoli (bass) and Bruno Valverde (drums).
The incontestable legend of metal Geoff Tate claims to be living one of his best moments in his career. The singer will perform songs that have been inspiring a whole generation of fans and musicians through the years from his acclaimed band Queensryche and his solo work.
Check out the details about the new studio album that the band will soon announce on its social networks.

Presented by :
Top Link Music
Vain Productions
Access Live
Rock Hard

Tickets and infos :

▶Halcyon way
▶Avelon (22.03 > 31.03)
▶Starbynary (01.04 > 05.04)
▶Ravenscry (06.04 > 18.04)

22.03 | BE | Diest | Moonlight Music Hall
23.03 | NL | Leeuwarden | Neushoorn
24.03 | FR | Paris | Le Forum
25.03 | FR | Lyon | Ninkasi Kao
27.03 | ES | Barcelona | Rzzmatazz 2
28.03 | ES | Valencia | Rockcity
29.03 | PT | Oporto | Hardclub
30.03 | PT | Lisboa | RCA Club
31.03 | ES | Madrid | Arena
01.04 | FR | Montpellier | Secret Place
03.04 | IT | Milano | Live Club
04.04 | IT | Roma | Orion
05.04 | IT | Bologna | Zona Roveri
06.04 | AT | Vienna | Szene
07.04 | SL | Bratislava | Babylon Club
08.04 | CZ | Kosice | Colloseum Club
10.04 | HU | Badapest | Baba Negra
11.04 | PL | Warsaw | Progresja
12.04 | DE | Berlin | Lido
13.04 | DE | Munchen | Backstage
14.04 | CH | Pratteln | Z7
15.04 | NL | Rotterdam | Maassilo
17.04 | UK | London | Underworld
19.04 | DE | Essen | Turock
20.04 | RU | Moskow | Tba
21.04 | RU | St Petersberg | Opera House


Posted on 13/01/2017 @ 6:15 pm | 1,590 views

Spanish band Avalanch has just announced its new line up with an incredible cast of international stars. The band will embark this early 2017 on a world tour to celebrate the XV anniversary of their classic album, “El Ángel Caído”, in addition to other surprises.

The band’s leader, Alberto Rionda (guitars), recently reunited with the new Avalanch lineup, surrounded by virtuoso and charismatic musicians such as Mike Terrana (drums, Rage, Masterplan, Vision Divine, Tarja), Israel Ramos (vocal, Alquimia, Amadeüs) Jorge Sálan (guitar, Jorge Sálan and The Majestic Jaywalkers), Magnus Rosen (bass, Hammerfall, Revolution Renaissance, Shadowside) and José Paz (keyboards, Santelmo).

Top Link Music has closed a management contract with Spanish band Avalanch. The Avalanch musicians have a very close relationship with the company and want the partnership to last forever.

Alberto Rionda explains:
“As the first news of the year, I am very happy to announce that a personal friend and great professional has joined the Avalanch family. Or we can say, the Avalanch band is joining the Top Link Music family, and will start working with Paulo Barón as the band’s personal manager. We are sure it will be an incredibly fruitful relationship. For those who are not familiar with their work, we are talking about someone who has work and works with artists like Scorpions, Rhapsody, Angra, Almah and many more … and now Avalanch as well. With my warm greetings to all. ”

First dates confirmed so far:
28-29-30 April: VIÑA ROCK Festival – Villarrobledo (Albacete)
1 July: Z! LIVE ROCKFEST (Zamora)
9-12 August: LEYENDAS DEL ROCK Festival – Villena (Alicante)

More information:


Posted on 08/01/2017 @ 2:05 am | 1,192 views

Top Link Music has just concluded a management contract with Spanish band Avalanch. We are very happy to announce this new successful partnership. Let’s create a new story in Avalanch’s career.
Paulo Baron


Posted on 21/11/2016 @ 3:07 pm | 2,627 views

Fabio Lione, Luca Turilli, Dominique Leurquin, Patrice Guers and Alex Holzwarth proudly announce the reunion of the original members of RHAPSODY, and the relevant farewell tour of the band.

The Italian band Rhapsody, one of the greatest icons of Symphonic Power Metal, will gather together to commemorate the 20th Anniversary from their first official release, playing their album “Symphony Of Enchanted Lands” in full, as well as other classics of the band. It will be an exciting and emotional event no one should ever miss, as this will be the only and last chance to see the band performing on stage together. The Rhapsody’s 20th Anniversary Farewell Tour will be hosted by Top Link Music.(

Since its consecration in 1997 with the album “Legendary Tales”, Rhapsody has become a worldwide awarded band thanks to its unique, epic and orchestral sound. Initially baptized in the “Hollywood Metal” style, because of its movies-related fascination and its characteristic epic soundtrack elements, the Italian band established itself as one of the biggest names in Symphonic Power Metal thanks to their second release “Symphony Of Enchanted Lands”, which soon became a classic of that music genre. Rhapsody’s main influences also include classical composers such as Vivaldi, Bach, Beethoven, Paganini and many others (the song “The Wizard’s Last Rhymes” from Rain Of A Thousand Flames, for example, is based on Antonín Dvořák’s ‘New World Symphony’). These elements made the band clearly unique in the whole heavy metal scene and, thanks to its magic, gathered lots of fans all over the world and inspired many bands, giving birth to a brand new musical wave and genre, that established a real and effective Rhapsody imagery. The 20th Anniversary Farewell Tour will represent a last chance for everyone to feel part of that wonderful magic once again. Luca, Fabio, Patrice, Dominique and Alex will celebrate such important and historical event with and for their amazing fans!

Luca Turilli states: “I am really super excited to be part of this unique and special event together with Fabio and my other friends. The fact of playing legendary songs like ‘Wings Of Destiny’, ‘Beyond The Gates Of Infinity’ and ‘The Dark Tower Of Abyss’, never played on stage before, will be the best way to celebrate the 20th Anniversary and a great reason to meet together for a very last time. This farewell tour represents for me the closing of one important chapter of my music career, as in the future I will dedicate myself to the cinematic music style of my new ‘Luca Turilli’s RHAPSODY’ band and to other important projects exclusively. Don’t miss such amazing event. It will be the last time you will be able to see me, Fabio and Alex Holzwarth together on stage playing some Rhapsody songs. We wait for all of you to share some wonderful emotions and live together some memorable nights!”

Fabio Lione continues: “‘Magic’… this is what I always wanted to find in music… and when I think about this great and unique opportunity to be again on stage with Luca, Holzy, Dominique, Patrice and celebrate with them the 20th Anniversary of the band… well… I can say this is truly ‘magic’! What an emotional moment remembering our great friend Christopher Lee, our stories, our feelings. After many years and things happened, I feel the time is right now… the time to close this important chapter of my artistic life in the best way, with my old friends, and share such ‘magic’ once again. We will celebrate 20 years of band history with all of you, beloved fans, in an unforgettable and glorious ‘last time party’. Be part of it!”


Posted on 29/12/2015 @ 4:18 pm | 1,397 views

The Rock n roll will never be the same!
Today we lost a legend, a true rock and metal icon.
Thank you Lemmy for so many good times lived together, for the opportunities I’ve had to work with you and Motorhead.
My thought goes out to his whole family as well as his band and our Brazilian brothers (Leo, Rogerinho and Eddie) who were part of Motorhead crew and worked hard to keep rock rolling alongside Lemmy in recent years.

RIP – Top Link Music and Angra


Posted on 31/07/2015 @ 9:24 pm | 1,251 views

Thank you very much! ANGRA would like to thank you all that made possible our return to the biggest heavy metal festival in the world, the producers, the fans and for all that witnessed this amazing show.

Showing their new record “Secret Garden” this show at the festival Wacken Open Air now is part of the history of the band, being one of the most important on their career.

The tour of the band passed by Japan, Latin America and Europe, and the next stop will be in the United States: September 9th in New York and September 12th in Atlanta.

For the Brazilian fans, we wait for you on September 19th at Rock in Rio, it will be a very special show with our friends Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) and the queen of metal DORO, they will sing some songs with us.



Posted on 13/11/2014 @ 7:17 pm | 1,272 views

No próximo sábado dia (15/11), a banda Angra irá realizar uma sessão de autógrafos para os fãs de SP na loja Reference Music Center que fica na Rua Teodoro Sampaio, 806 – Pinheiros a partir das 17h00.

Só poderão participar os fãs que já tem ingresso para o show de despedida da turnê “Angels Cry” no dia 16 de novembro.

E no dia (16/11), São Paulo irá receber uma apresentação única e inédita que marcará o fim da turnê em comemoração aos 20 anos do lançamento do aclamado álbum “Angels Cry”. Além dos clássicos, a banda irá apresentar uma música do novo álbum de estúdio com Fabio Lione em primeira mão neste show e outras 04 músicas especiais que foram escolhidas por meio de votação popular via facebook oficial do grupo.

Este evento sem dúvida será o ato final de uma grande turnê que se encerra na cidade de São Paulo onde tudo começou.

ANGRA – Show de despedida da turnê de 20 anos
Dia: 16 de novembro 2014
Horário: 21h00 – Angra
Abertura: Dreadnox – show time 19h45
Abertura da casa: 2h00 antes do início do espetáculo
Local: Áudio Club
Pista promocional R$60,00 com a doação de 1 kg de alimento não perecível.
Camarote: Ingressos limitados
Censura: 18 anos
Menores dessa idade somente acompanhados dos pais ou responsáveis.
Duração: Aproximadamente 2h00
Abertura da Casa: 18h45 domingo
Informações gerais:


Posted on 05/05/2014 @ 7:33 pm | 1,866 views

A imensa legião de fãs brasileiros pode comemorar. Eles estão de volta! O Marilion fará shows em Belo Horizonte ( 08 de maio, no Minas centro), São Paulo (09 de maio, no Hsbc Brasil) e Rio de Janeiro (10 de maio, no Vivo Rio), prometendo tocar seus clássicos inesquecíveis.

Confira o vídeo onde o cantor convida os fãs para o show de São Paulo:


8/05 – Belo Horizonte (Brasil)
Local: Minas Centro
9/05 – São Paulo (Brasil)
Local: HSBC

10/05 – Rio de Janeiro (Brasil)
Local: Vivo Rio

13/05 – Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Local: Teatro Gran Rex

15/05 – San Francisco de Mostazal (Chile)
Local: Casino Monticello
16/05 – Santiago (Chile)
Local: Teatro Caupolican

Ficha técnica:
Steve Hogarth (aka “h”) – vocais
Steve Rothery – guitarra
Pete Trewavas – baixo
Mark Kelly – teclado
Ian Mosley – bacteria

São Paulo – Hsbc Brasil
Dia 09 de maio de 2014
Horário: 22h00
Local: HSBC Brasil
Rua Bragança Paulista, 1281 – Chácara Santo Antonio
Informações e compra de ingressos:
# BILHETERIAS HSBC BRASIL – Rua Bragança Paulista, 1281 / Chácara Santo Antônio.
(Horário de atendimento: segunda a sábado, das 12h às 22h e domingos e feriados, das 12h às 20h)
# COMPRA POR TELEFONE – Ingresso Rápido – Tel: 4003-1212
(Horário de atendimento: segunda a sábado, das 9h às 22h)
(Formas de Pagamento: cartões de crédito Visa, Mastercard, Credicard, Diners);
(Formas de Pagamento: cartões de crédito Visa, Mastercard, Credicard, Diners);

Taxa de Compra através da Ingresso Rápido
Compra em ponto-de-venda: 15% do valor do ingresso
Entrega em domicílio Grande São Paulo: R$ 15,00
Entrega em domicílio São Paulo Capital: R$ 10,00
Retirada na bilheteria: R$ 5,00
Para a compra de ingressos para estudantes, aposentados e professores estaduais, os mesmos devem comparecer pessoalmente portando documento na bilheteria respectiva ao show ou nos pontos de venda da Ingresso Rápido. Esclarecemos que a venda de meia-entrada é direta, pessoal e intransferível e está condicionada ao comparecimento do titular da carteira estudantil no ato da compra e no dia do espetáculo, munido de documento que comprove condição prevista em lei.
Compras em até 3X no cartão de crédito
Camarote R$ 350,00
Frisa R$ 300,00
Cadeira Alta R$ 250,00
Pista Vip 1° Lote R$ 300,00
Pista Vip 2° Lote R$ 350,00
Pista Vip 3° Lote R$ 400,00
Pista 1° Lote R$ 150,00
Pista 2° Lote R$ 200,00
* Clientes HSBC tem pré-venda exclusiva e 25% de desconto. O limite é de 04 ingressos por pessoa e a promoção não é cumulativa com outros descontos.
Capacidade: 4000 lugares
Censura: 14 anos (desacompanhados). Menores dessa idade somente acompanhados dos pais ou responsáveis.
Duração: Aproximadamente 1h30
Abertura da Casa: 2h antes do espetáculo
Estacionamento: Hot Valet (com manobrista) – R$ 25,00 (antecipado – adquirido junto com o ingresso) e R$ 30,00 (na hora)
Aceitamos dinheiro e cartões de débito e crédito (Visa, Mastercard, Credicard e Diners)
Não aceitamos cheques
Acesso para deficientes físicos
Ar condicionado

Rio de Janeiro – Vivo Rio
Dia: 10 de maio de 2014
Horário de abertura: 20h00
Horário de início do show: 22h00
Endereço: Av. Infante Dom Henrique, 85 – Parque do Flamengo
Telefone: 2272 2901
Classificação etária: 16 anos
Capacidade: 2000 pessoas
Twitter: @vivo_rio
Informações e compra de ingressos:
Compras em até 3X no cartão de crédito
Camarote A R$ 320,00
Camarote R$ 270,00
Balcão R$ 220,00
Frisa R$ 290,00
Pista Vip 1° Lote R$ 280,00
Pista Vip 2° Lote R$ 300,00
Pista Vip 3° Lote R$ 350,00
Pista 1° Lote R$ 150,00
Pista 2° Lote R$ 200,00
Compra por telefone – Ingresso Rápido – Tel: 4003 -1212
Horário de atendimento: segunda a sábado das 9h às 22h e domingo das 12h às 20h.
Compra pela Internet (
Pontos de venda:

Taxa de conveniência (internet e telefone): R$ 30 por compra.
Meia-Entrada: Estudantes, Professores da Rede Pública do Município do Rio de Janeiro e maiores de 60 anos são beneficiários de desconto de 50%. A venda de meia-entrada é direta, pessoal e intransferível e está condicionada ao comparecimento do beneficiário aos pontos de venda, munido de documento original que comprove condição prevista em lei. É obrigatória a apresentação dos documentos também na entrada do espetáculo.
Estacionamento com manobrista
Aceitamos dinheiro e cartões de débito e crédito (Visa, Mastercard, Credicard e Diners)
Não aceitamos cheques
Acesso para deficientes físicos
Ar condicionado


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