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Angra: Musicians announce the return of Paulo Baron to band management
Posted on 02/01/2022 @ 9:24 pm | 310 views

Angra and Top Link Music signed a new partnership marking the return of Paulo Baron to the management of Angra, with whom he had worked for seven years. About the return, the businessman says: “I am very happy to return to the Angra family. Honestly, I needed that hiatus with all the projects I was involved in, and actually I never left the band as I was always around them. What unites us is the great friendship and respect built during all these years when we created wonderful things together. I’m here to add to this great brand that is Angra and you’ll see great news soon!”.

Also regarding the resumption of the successful union, bassist Felipe Andreoli emphasizes: “Returning to work with Top Link is great because we already have a good rapport and we know each other well. Angra and Top Link have accomplished great things together and the continuation of this partnership will allow us to do much more. Plans are moving forward very quickly and we are all very excited about what lies ahead.”

Still about the moment, guitarist Rafael Bittencourt evaluates: “I am very happy to return to work with Paulo Baron and Top Link. In recent years, we have never stopped being friends and we have a lot of mutual respect and admiration. We have already shown the strength of our partnership in the past and I believe that we will show even greater strength in the coming future, more mature and experienced. Paulo knows the band in all its complexity, personal relationships between everyone, strategic needs and has a great passion for working with us, which is also very important. He has a super competitive spirit, a very positive spirit and manages to add and motivate everyone to always win. I believe that no one can hold us now!”.

In the period of previous joint efforts, Paulo and his company collaborated in several high-profile situations, including: Angra’s concert at Live N’ Louder in 2013; the Angel’s Cry 20th Anniversary Tour DVD; the Secret Garden albums, Ømni and the Ømni DVD; the group’s performance at Rock In Rio 2015 featuring guest appearances by Doro Pesch and Dee Snider; and the last show of Kiko Loureiro with the guys and the first of Marcelo Barbosa as official guitarist – in addition to several presentations of the quintet on national television in programs such as Encontro Com Fátima Bernardes.

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