Rocking All My Dreams: The saga of Paulo Baron, a businessman and great entertainment enthusiast worldwide, turned into a book by Editora InVerso
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Walking the path of show business, Paulo Baron has become a world rock and metal celebrity with his work and dedication to the music scene. Founder of Top Link Music, the 30-year-old art management and live management company in England, Baron, as he is called by fans and friends, has gained fame, stability and success in Latin America, and turned his boyhood dreams into one of the largest companies in this area. The adventures and achievements of this Mexican living in Brazil are like a drop of hope for all who have a dream amid the daily dilemmas and afflictions of those who have a life without expectations.

During his career years, Paulo Baron, when asked about backstage stories and stories, always said that he would tell everything in detail in his memoir. Behold, alongside writer Emerson Anversa, he has devoted much of his time in recent years to the creation of the book “Rocking All My Dreams,” which brings together in its pages a lesson in focus, strength, hope, and commitment, and will provide give the reader a trip in his own feelings. This compilation of facts involving the world of rock, celebrities and backstage will be released by Editora InVerso at Top Link Music’s 30th party in São Paulo, on May 3rd.

“When I decided to write this book, it was like opening a chest full of memories and stories. I remembered the amount of emails and people who came to me and said to me, ‘Do you remember that you gave me the first opportunity to photograph, or work in show business, or get on a big stage, and today I’m a famous artist I look at my gift and still feel energetic and imaginative. But when I look back, I see that 30 years have passed, and this is a very important baggage, ”says Paulo Baron.

Over the years, many people have become interested in knowing what it is like to be a producer of international shows: what the backroom is like, what it’s like everyday, what it’s like to grow, fall, rise and excel. Knowledge is not just for one – it needs to be shared, and in this book, Rocking All My Dreams, this is perfectly explained.

In a very emotional text, which will be in the preface to the book, guitarist Kiko Loureiro (Megadeth, Angra) tells why Paulo Baron is special in his career. “Paulo puts himself as a member of the band. It is a rockstar. He is an artist, a dreamer, with crazy ideas, insane projects, always striking the motto: ‘If it is to fly, let us reach the stars.’

“So far, every band has its artists, dreamers; but then comes the difference of an elite businessman like Paulo. What he dreams he performs. It comes out of the imagination and becomes real. The dreamy band becomes a visionary band when the impossible becomes real and still generates profit to support the artist and the band (besides Paulo, of course!), And also to sustain the next leaps, which will obviously be even higher. The proof that Paulo is an artist and performer is easy to find in the music videos he organized and made logistically and financially possible, of the bands he works with, even playing a leading role (after all, a Mexican villain fits any story)”, explains Kiko Loureiro.

“Paul realized his dream: to find his way, to be with music and to be happy! He was building bridges with music” commented Rudolf Schenker (Scorpions).

Writer Emerson Anversa explains his motivation for writing the book. “I believe I have transferred to paper a little of the universe, memory and soul of my friend Paulo Baron. May these lines reflect colors, sounds, tears, sweat, hope, desire, passion, persistence, courage, love, friendship and music, lots of music. May these lines lead you backstage, on stage, to a show, amidst a rapt audience.”

“May these simple but true lines lead you into a dressing room with your favorite artist. I dare suggest that, in addition to showing his work, Paul pays a beautiful tribute to the true rock fan, the musicians who rock our dreams and are the real essence of it all, the professionals behind the stage, anonymous warriors who guarantee us the performance of the show. This book, above all, reveals details that often remain hidden from the eyes of the audience, and archived memories, including those who lived them to their fullest. It was by opening their souls, even in the midst of the intense exercise of their functions, that the definitive achievements and great achievements of Paulo Baron came to light. Professionals and friends who give us their rich life experiences, presenting the importance of Top Link Music and the efforts of all its collaborators”, adds Emerson.


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